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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 7: Crash and Burn Girl Spoiler

Who says it’s going to be one placid episode in the next installment of PLL? One word, it’s riveting! We have gathered some juicy bits of spoilers of the new episode and these are only intended for the brave of heart. Though things are heading fast to a dead end, things are getting more desperate by the moment especially what is in store for PLL S4 Episode 7: “Crash and Burn,Girl!” And for starters Hanna’s mom is under arrest! On the trailer clip of the episode, Caleb and Toby are … [Read more...]

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 6 – Spoilers “Under The Gun”

Hanna has been arrested and things are really getting tighter in Pretty Little Liars Season 4, what is in store in episode 6: “Under The Gun” is something any PLL fan is excited to learn about. And with that we have gathered a numerous delightful treats of spoilers! Welcome to Ravenswood. Taking reference to the official summary of the upcoming installment, Spencer’s sleuthing on who was the other end of Ali’s mysterious phone number took her and Toby to Ravenswood – is very eerie to … [Read more...]

Pretty Little Liars is Tuesday No. 1 TV Telecast and Twisted Got the 2nd Spot

It seems PLL is having such a good time not only with its million of followers but in regards to TV audience share as well. A recent survey shows that Pretty Little Liars of ABC Family is a lot appealing to women 18-34 and female’s 12-34 demos, while ‘Twisted’ tags along at number 2. PLL is recently Tuesday number 1 Telecast in Women 18-34 & Females 12-34 on TV/Cable shows during 8 pm time slot. Slated as the best Summer Season Ever for the series and likewise for all tv series in key … [Read more...]

PLL Season 4, Episode 5 – Spoilers

The next installment of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars Season 4, will be a hoard of surprises, someone’s mother is coming to town while another mother is frantic to help her daughter. More stuff below read on for some tit bits of juicy spoilers or better yet quit it until Episode 5 hits tube. Spoiler alert! Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton) - Hanna’s Mom is coming to town and is having a hard time this season, the trailer of the upcoming Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 5 “Gamma … [Read more...]

PLL Season 4 Episode 4 – Spoiler Alert!!!

We just can’t wait to see what will happen next in ABC Family’s all time favorite suspense-drama series Pretty Little Liars Season 4, now with a fresh episode due tonight, PLL S4 Episode 4: “Face Time”. With sheer anticipation of the things to come in the series, we have searched high and low to collect those juicy bits of things to happen in the upcoming episode. Spoiler alert, read further on at you own risk. Melissa is being suspected by Hanna, on the latest trailer you will see … [Read more...]

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 2: The Turn of the Shoe

An exciting season premier, when Pretty Little Liars kicks-off season 4 last week, and even more exciting since we ought to see what will happen next on ABC Family’s all time suspense drama series airs episode 2 with “ Turn of the Shoe” on June 18,2013. Spoiler Alert! We have some chunky spoilers of what are about to happen in the next episode so, read on at your own risk. Hanna on offensive mode – In the clip Hanna goes offensive with Shana, making it known that Hanna knows about … [Read more...]

Fan’s Theory By Richards Natalie

Here's my theory: Alison is not dead and she might have a twin sister. Alison disappeared because she knew too much about someone or a group of people who really wants her dead so she faked her death like she had always spoke of. Now these people are messing with her friends because they know Alison is not dead, but they think her friends might know where she (Alison) is hiding. I think that Caleb, Wren and Ezra is a part of the A team. Their role is to get close to the girls so they could find … [Read more...]

PLL Season 4 Episode 1: A is for A-l-i-v-e

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 1

Its official the “quartet” are back tomorrow night in the upcoming fourth season run of “Pretty Little Liars”. PLL fanatics could not be more than happy to hear the news; it’s like breathing again after a cliff hanging season ender in the Season 3 of the series. S4 will pick-up where the last scene ended in the previous season. This will not only vindicate fans from the suspense of what happened next in the series but also a flashback will be shown with the little liars being shown as … [Read more...]